We organise wine tours with two distinct differences.


Firstly all tours (with the odd exception) are based in one location for the entire tour. This is either a historic chateau, large period property or top quality boutique hotel – all without exception with very high standards of accommodation. In the chateaux and other properties, a chef is engaged for the duration of the tour, in order to provide exceptional gourmet dinners based on local products and specialities, together with a first class breakfast to start each day. A private minibus transports all tour participants to the different tour venues each day.


Secondly, there is a specific educational aspect to each tour – serious learning, but in a fun way. The tours thus appeal to what may be termed as the ‘social wine enthusiast’ - those that enjoy wine and know a little about it, such as a few grape varieties and wine regions, but would like to learn a whole lot more. Greater understanding of this fascinating subject and industry adds significantly to the fun and enjoyment of future wine drinking – and perhaps even allows for a little showing-off to friends and colleagues!?


Each tour thus forms into a House Party – a very enjoyable, social experience of like-minded people sharing a love of wine, food and culture.

An enjoyable wine themed break, where participants really learn about wine, where it comes from and how it is made, but have tremendous fun doing so.